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Affordable home prices in Seattle

October 7th, 2014 7:37 PM by Sam Kader

According to HSH survey - this is how much you have to earn to live in some of the US major cities: 
  • Seattle $74,674.89. Median House Price $357,400
  • Portland $61,706.20. Median House Price $286,200
  • Sacramento $59,778.52. Median House Price $271,000
  • San Francisco $150,511.88. Median House Price $769,600
  • Los Angeles $86,800. Median House Price $420,300
  • San Diego $100,091.74. Median House Price $504,200
  • New York $89,939.45. Median House Price $396,700.

Click on the image below to view affordable houses around Seattle...

Prices are up while inventory is down - not a good combo for potential homebuyers.




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