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Appraisal Credit

October 18th, 2017 8:19 PM by Sam Kader

FreddieMac with HomePossible program offers appraisal credit of up to $525:

  • HomePossible with 3% down payment for loan amount up to standard conforming and high-cost area limits for 1 to 4 unit-property. Example: Purchase price of $499,330, Single Family, FICO 740, 3% down or $14,980, Loan Amount of $484,350 - Conventional HomePossible rate of 4.250% (APR 4.895% as of 4/24/19) - monthly Principal + Interest payment of $2,382.71.
  • Minimum FICO score 640 to claim  appraisal credit. 
  • Loans must close and fund by June 30th 2019 to claim appraisal credit. 
  • Certificate of completion from this online tutorial is required.

  • Click here to check for property and income eligibility.



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