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E-signing with Provident Funding

May 3rd, 2023 3:27 PM by Sam Kader

Submitting loans to Provident Funding.  Once loans have been submitted - borrowers will receive Initial Loan Disclosures to be e-signed through MyLoanZone (see below). To gain access - Loan Number, Primary Borrower's Last Name and Subject Property Zip Code are required. 

Provident Funding will issue its Intent-To-Proceed (ITP), Loan Estimate (LE) and Closing Disclosure as we progress with loan closing.  Provident will assign priority to underwrite locked loans over floating loans.  Locked loans will receive quicker Conditional Approval.  Please be advised that Provident only offers a minimum of 21 days lock extension.  Once locked, things must move along on time to close within the locked timeframe without any delay. 

Borrower instructions. Please complete ALL of your e-signing on time. Any outstanding disclosures that you have not e-signed yet could potentially delay your closing time.

Once logged in - borrowers can complete their e-signing: 

  1.  Each borrower must have his or her unique email address. Husband and wife cannot have the same email address.  After registering – borrowers must pass an ID verification test using two-factor authentication and agree to receive disclosure electronically. 
  2.  Pacific Coast Financial will upload underwriting documents so borrowers do not have to upload documents such as pay stubs, bank statements, etc.  Once all the required documents have been uploaded – the loan application is placed in underwriting queue.
  3.  Please complete e-signing Provident Funding Initial Loan Disclosures and other disclosures. 
  4. Intent-To-Proceed (ITP) must be acknowledged and must be e-signed by each borrower. Please see short video presentation here - fast forward to about 1:28 mins in on the video  on how to complete e-signing  ITP.   Appraisal cannot be ordered until you have completed this step. 
  5. Closing Disclosure (CD)  must be acknowledged and must be e-signed by the borrower. Please see short video presentation here - fast forward to about 2:14 mins in on the video  on how to complete e-signing  CD. 

Provident Funding will issue a Conditional Approval Letter with required items remain outstanding for final loan approval.  Once all outstanding conditions have been received and approved, the underwriter will issue a “Final Credit Approval Letter” and collaboration with escrow will start for closing. 

Once the final CD has been approved - Provident Funding will release the final loan documents to be e-signed and wet-signed. Borrowers must e-sign their portion through My Lone Zone (not all loan documents can be e-signed)  and the rest of the final documents can be wet-signed with escrow at scheduled closing date. 

Loan Originators - please watch this short video presentation of DOs and DONTs and how to submit loans to Provident Funding.  At your convenience - please watch these other training videos from Provident Funding  here.

Escrow instructions - Escrow must upload signed final loan documents through MyLoanZone portal for funding/closing review.  Please ensure that Closing Agent Certification along with E&O insurance for a travel notary (if one was used) is uploaded as well.  Once submission is successful, escrow will receive a final email request for a CD revision. Please disregard this notification if no further changes are needed.  Provident Funding will order the wire for disbursement to escrow on funding day. 

Posted by Sam Kader on May 3rd, 2023 3:27 PM



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