In over twenty-five years of marriage we have been through the mortgage process several times. When the interest rates became the CHECK that they had been for many years, we knew that we had to refinance in order to take advantage of the lower rates. We dreaded going through this process because it is so stressful and time-consuming.

Fortunately, a friend recommended that we contact Brian Bergquist at Pacific Coast Financial. We were extremely pleased with his services. He was diligent, straightforward and professional. We were able to handle the entire refinance through fax, email and telephone calls. The only time that we had to physically attend a meeting was when we signed the papers at an escrow company.

We were greatly relieved at the ease with which our refinance was handled. In addition, Brian was able to locate a new mortgage for us which saves us several hundred dollars each month. We highly recommend Brian and Pacific Coast Financial. Jacci and Ken (Carnation)

We have owned homes and rental properties for many years, and have a great deal of experience dealing with mortgage brokers.  By far the CHECK experiences to date have been with Pacific Coast Financial.  We were so pleased with our first refinance through them that we decided to refinance another property.  The entire process was incredibly easy, and we were able to accomplish everything by either email or telephone.  We were also able to get a remarkably low interest rate.  We would urge anyone who needs a mortgage broker deal with Pacific Coast Financial.  Connie and Dennis (Seattle)

Thank you so much for making the home buying experience such a breeze! We had a few hiccups toward the closing of our home (nothing that you caused of course) and you were there to keep everything on track every step of the way. I would HIGHLY recommend you to any family member or friend who I knew was looking for a mortgage broker. You are totally on-the-ball, trustworthy and honest. I have complete faith you would do the same for anyone else. You made sure the loan closed on time, and it did!  You also made your own sacrifices so we could move into our dream home. WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME and we have much to thank you for making a wonderful home life for me and my family. I can't thank you enough! You're the CHECK!!! Stephanie and Brian (Seattle)

We were very pleased with the service offered by Pacific Coast Financial. Sam Kader made it very easy and efficient for us to get familiar with the loan and refinancing documents by effective communications with the lender and us. I definitely recommend their service.  Dr. Tarassoli family (Kirkland) 

Now that the dust has settled slightly as our closing with Pacific Coast Financial has been just over a week on our new Home. Thank you for all your help. We really appreciated the "Progress  Charts" that Sam sent over, keeping us informed of the progress towards final signing, and closing. The document requests from Brian, such as historical records, such as tax history, income, banking, etc were clear and presented in an easy to follow itemized manner. As we went through the steps, having the clear, current updates from Brian via voice, text and email helped keep everything in perspective.  Again the Progress Charts added a Visual dimension that became more exciting as we were finishing the process. Thanks Brian and Sam at Pacific Coast Financial . This Dream did come true for Our Family,   Sincerely  Bob and Carol (Seattle).
For the last five years I have been living in a house which was in my stepdaughter’s name. We always had an understanding that when it was possible I would buy it from her. A few months ago she suggested she was willing to do it now, if I wanted to. I said I would give it a shot, although I wasn’t sure my credit was good enough yet. She enlisted the help of Pauline Ferber, who she had worked with professionally and who had helped her get her own house, and Pacific Coast Financial. Pauline treated me like a family member from our first meeting, and Brian Bergquist and Sam Kader personally helped me through the process, which included several mis-steps on my part. Although it seemed like there would never be an end to what someone or other wanted from me, they gave me advice at every step and helped me gather the documents I needed. Much to my amazement, it finally came together and everybody signed the papers. At the age of 59, I now own my first home.  Thanks, Brian and Sam, and especially to Pauline who made personal sacrifices to make it work. I recommend them all.  Greg (Bremerton)
I greatly appreciate all your assistance you have extended to me. You helped me save more than $400 per month on the refinancing. For someone who is on a fixed income, that means a lot to me.  Thank you very much. Bill (Renton)
Jill and I would like to write this note because of the outstanding job you and Pacific Coast Financial for our refinancing. Bank of America had offered to refinance and we were actually going to do that when you called. You said that you could make a better loan for us. You said that our original loan amount would not increase by any appreciable amount. You said that you would arrange the loan so that we would skip two full payments. Something BofA wasn't offering. Well you and Pacific Coast Financial did exactly what you said you would. We save about $100 per month, our loan amount was almost exactly as before and we sill be skipping two payments. The money we re saving on the payments will be used to lower other debt. We appreciate the way you personally guided this through every step of the way.   John and Jill (Everett)
We were under contract in a house with a lot of contingencies that presented some risk of losing money and even losing the house we wanted altogether. For a brief time we weren't happy being at the mercy of a lender who was adding more stress. Time was of the essence and so we set out to find someone who could really help us. That's when we found Sam Kader. We immediately knew Sam would be our guy with his very genuine and honest approach to our situation. There was no scrambling or chaotic quoting. He said he would implement action quickly and he absolutely delivered. There was a lot of pressure on him from day one and he was confident in his abilities. He is professional, intelligent, very organized,  his communication top notch. This potential nightmare situation was taken very serious and handled with so much care by Sam. We even expected normal issues to arise but there were none. It seemed Sam was always two steps ahead to help prevent issues in a very time sensitive case. It was a real smooth and mellow process. We highly recommend Sam! He is amazing to work with and he truly excels at what he does. We feel extremely lucky we found him and we know he is a rare find. Thank you Sam for all your hard work! We will be speaking very highly about you for a very long time!  Carrie and Joel Pace

I have experience with other Mortgage brokers, as I have purchased 4 homes in my lifetime. My experience with Sam Kader was noteworthy in the level of service he provided. He came into the office on a Sunday in order to develop a pre-approval letter that was crucial in my winning bid for a very desirable home that had competing offers. His estimation of my monthly payment from the onset was exactly what the final payment turned out to be. In my previous experience the initial estimate has been off by a large margin, and I was exceedingly impressed with the reliability of Sam’s estimate, as well as his speed in getting tasks completed. Sam’s calm and reassuring demeanor was a great asset during a time of uncertainty and stress for me, and he went beyond normal expectations to help with my paperwork. On the whole, Sam was easy to work with, efficient, quick to catch any errors in work done by any partners in the entire process of getting a mortgage, and is someone who I will be strongly recommending to my friends, family and clients for all of their mortgage needs. May (Seattle)

My husband Youssouf and I wanted to personally thank you for the outstanding service you provided for helping us with our first home loan. You answered all of our questions clearly, concisely and in a timely manner. Our loan process was challenging at times, but Sam never gave up. He is very knowledgeable about the process and thoroughly handled all of our questions and concerns along the way. He worked diligently late nights and weekends to get us the CHECK rate and CHECK service. We look forward to working with Sam on our future transactions.  Sincerely,
Fatou and Yousuf Everett, WA.

Many thanks to Sam Kader of Pacific Coast Financial, LLC. We were first-time home buyers and are now settling into our spacious new home! We were pleasantly surprised as to how smooth and seamless the process was from beginning to end. Sam kept us informed every step of the way, providing support and superior customer service. At the mere mention of his name, he would pop up with an update or great news. Thank you Sam. You are truly amazing! Troy, Kristin & Lauren (Mill Creek).

Thank you, Sam for all the hard work he invested in us. With his dedication and diligence, Sam Kader guided us through the process in a very professional manner. Achieving our goals with the aid of Sam, we gladly recommend him to those looking to purchase a house to seek out home financing through Pacific Coast Financial LLC. 
Again, thank you Sam for the outstanding job. Chau and Joachim (Everett)

Sam is a fantastic broker. He was extremely easy to work with, he was very knowledgable. There was no time, be it day or night, when we contacted him and he didn’t get back to us in a timely fashion. usually only within a couple of hours of our initial correspondence. We are very happy with our experience working with Sam. We will undoubtedly work with him in the future and will refer to our family and friends. Thank you Sam for a job well done!
William and Marian (Everett).

Working with Brian Bergquist made the loan application and acquisition process as straight forward as we could imagine it to be!  His dedicated support and prompt response times made short work of any open concerns as they arose.  When we had a request or question within his playing field, he delivered results without delay!  Whatever the market reality ups and downs may be, Brian's professional candor and strong ethics were instrumental in helping us navigate through the whole adventure with confidence and poise.  His remarkable advocacy for his clients should be applauded.  Basically, Brian showed himself to be a trusted ally in the field. Our experience was nothing short of excellent!  We'll come calling when the next purchase is on the horizon! Chris and Liz (Lake Stevens)

I want to tell you about my experience with Sam Kader at Pacific coast financial this was the most easiest and pleasurable transaction I've ever done he is very knowledgeable and helpful in every way he made my first home purchase very easy for me. I am very happy to recommend him to everyone. Thank you very much again Sam!!!
Greg (Tacoma)



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