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10 things to do around the house in Spring

April 16th, 2017 8:55 AM by Sam Kader

Spring is an ideal time to make sure things are in working order from checking your home's vital equipment such as water heaters and furnaces to replacing windows. However, there are some items that should be top on your list: 

1) Check attics and home exterior for openings and cracks. Spring time is when nature comes out of hibernation and even the tiniest of holes can serve as an entry point for unwanted animals. 

2) Have your home's equipment services from water heaters to furnaces,
spring is an ideal time for a checkup. 
3) Have your septic tank pumped. In many areas, homes are services by individual septic tanks that tend to need to be pumped annually. The spring is a good time as the ground softened from the winder thaw. 
4) Check your driveway. The winter snow and salt can damage driveways, pathways, and walkways resurfaced. Cracked driveway lessen curb appeal and even make way for weeds. 
5) Check your water. With so many homeowners opting for their own water purification and filtration systems, checking the safety of your home's water is a good idea. 
6) Evaluate your home's lawn. From downed tree limbs to areas that may have been damaged by winter, spring is a great time to tend to your lawn so it is nice and lush for summer. 
7) Start preparing your garden for early planting. Landscaping is among the three most effective home improvements to generate the biggest return on investment. 
8) Repainting is an instant refresher for many homes with a new coat of paint either on the inside or the outside will provide the perfect renewal.
9) Trim trees. Spring is a good time to trim trees back so they don't become a hazard during a storm or provide easy access to your roof for animals.
10) Replace windows (and roof) to prevent draft all year long especially in the warmer months when you will be looking to be able to properly open and close windows, making sure they are fully functioning and operational.  

If you still have the property inspection report when you bought the house - this may be a good time to address the inspector's findings and recommendations.  Handyman on demand - check it out here
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Posted by Sam Kader on April 16th, 2017 8:55 AM



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