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10 items to get your house ready for Fall

November 3rd, 2018 4:09 PM by Sam Kader

The fall is a time of transition to make sure that everything is in order as temperatures begin to drop and winter settles in. Here are some maintenance items to keep up: 

  1. Check your roof. Protect your home by checking for any signs of leaks. Hire a pro to address problems like loose shingles, leaks, damaged flashing or bad ventilation. If your roof is beyond repair, now is a good time to tackle a complete replacement. 
  2. Repave your driveway. A new driveway is a great way to spruce up your home and pouring one while the weather's still relatively warm will allow it to dry before the freeze-thaw cycles on late autumn and winter. 
  3. Prep your landscaping. Plant seeds and bulbs for a pretty yard come spring and add mulch to plants that need protection from the elements. 
  4. Prune and trim trees. Dead branches and broken limbs can become a real danger as winter storms blow in. Get trees pruned by a pro to eliminate the threat the prevent unsightly debris from piling up. The trees will also come back healthier in the spring.
  5. Assess your deck or patio. Now is the time to pack up outdoor furniture that could be affected by cold weather. Once clear, assess your deck or patio and repair any damage or deterioration. 
  6. Clean your gutters. Gutters should remain clear and in good condition to help ensure they work properly. Lean a ladder against your home and clear away sticks, leaves and other fragments. Hire a pro if you notice damage. 
  7. Check windows and doors. Replacing drafty, outdated windows with a more energy-efficient alternative will create a cozier, more comfortable home interior this winter. 
  8. Purchase a storm door. It serve as an additional element to protect your home from harsh weather. 
  9. Consider buying a generator. Standby generators can be costly but may be worth the investment if you live in an area that tends to lose power in storms. 
  10. Make repairs big and small from broken railings and siding boards to knows and hinges. 
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Posted by Sam Kader on November 3rd, 2018 4:09 PM



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